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Clinique Brow Shaper
Clinique Brow Shaper

Fine pressed powder, special brush. Soft, natural colours fill in and perfect brows with no harsh lines.

Formula: Powder

How to Use:
Fill in sparse areas with brush.
Stroke backwards, against the direction brows grow to lay down colour; then brush in direction of hair growth.
Remove with your favourite Clinique eye makeup remover.

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01 Shaping Taupe 01 Shaping Taupe [CL00092 ]
01 Shaping Taupe
 $18.00  Quantity :
03 Wheat 03 Wheat [CL00229 ]
03 Wheat
 $18.00  Quantity :
05 Charcoaled 05 Charcoaled [CL00202 ]
05 Charcoaled
 $18.00  Quantity :
07 Soft Brown 07 Soft Brown [CL04891 ]
07 Soft Brown
 $18.00  Quantity :
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