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Dior 5 Couleurs Designer
Dior 5 Couleurs Designer

Born of Backstage expertise, inspired by professional techniques and textures, 5 COULEURS DESIGNER features an easy, 5-step makeup lesson (base, 2 shadows, highlighter and liner) to bring out the eyes with flawless sculpting and colour gradation.

Application Tips
1. Prepare and even out the eyelid by applying the powder BASE with the fingertips or the oval foam applicator.
2. Dress the mobile eyelid in the central COLOUR with the eyeshadow brush.
3. Contrast and sculpt with the SHADOW, applied to the eyelid crease and at the outer corner of the eye using the cone-shaped foam applicator.
4. Illuminate with the HIGHLIGHTER dabbed beneath
the brow arch and at the inner corner of the eye.
5. Define the eyes by applying the LINER along the upper and lower lash lines with the thin liner brush.

The extremely exquisite 5 COULEURS DESIGNER textures allow for infinite layering with a flawless finish.
A genuine "backdrop" for the eyelid, the COLOUR-LOCK powder BASE smoothes, evens out and prepares the eyelid for application of eyeshadow and longer-lasting colour. The satiny SHADOWS, enriched with Coloured Pearlescent Pigments, boast the colour power of a pigment and the luminosity of pearlescence, for 3D-effect sculpting and exceptional vibrancy. The shimmering HIGHLIGHTER deposits an ultra-fine film of light on the eyelid. The dense LINER structures and defines the eyes with a sublime matte glow.

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