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Clinique All About Shadow Single
Clinique All About Shadow Single

Creamy colour glides on in one smooth stroke. Long-wearing. Crease and fade resistant, too. Ophthalmologist tested for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Mirrored compact comes with a sponge-tip applicator.

Skin Types: All

How to Use:
- Use spong-tip applicator to sweep shadow across entire lid, lashline to brow bone.
- Create interesting dimension by blending and layering multiple shades.
- All About Shadow singles can be used as an accent shade in the crease, as a liner, or to highlight just under the brow bone.
- For a more detailed application, choose specialists from Clinique's Makeup Brush Collection.
- Remove with your favourite Clinique makeup remover.


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Angel Eyes (Super Shimmer) Angel Eyes (Super Shimmer) [CL62310 ]
Angel Eyes (Super Shimmer)
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At Dusk (Super Shimmer) At Dusk (Super Shimmer) [CL58686 ]
At Dusk (Soft Shimmer)
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Black Honey (Super Shimmer) Black Honey (Super Shimmer) [CL58681 ]
Black Honey (Super Shimmer)
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Black Jade (Soft Shimmer) Black Jade (Soft Shimmer) [CL62250 ]
Black Jade (Soft Shimmer)
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Bubble Bath (Super Shimmer) Bubble Bath (Super Shimmer) [CL63216 ]
Bubble Bath (Soft Shimmer)
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Chocolate Covered Cherry (Soft Matte) Chocolate Covered Cherry (Soft Matte) [CL62227 ]
Chocolate Covered Cherry (Soft Matte)
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Daybreak (Super Shimmer) Daybreak (Super Shimmer) [CL58685 ]
Daybreak (Super Shimmer)
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Deep Dive (Soft Shimmer) Deep Dive (Soft Shimmer) [CL62278 ]
Deep Dive (Soft Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Foxier (Soft Shimmer) Foxier (Soft Shimmer) [CL62052 ]
Foxier (Soft Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
French Roast (Soft Matte) French Roast (Soft Matte) [CL62081 ]
French Roast (Soft Matte)
 $16.50  Quantity :
French Vanilla (Soft Matte) French Vanilla (Soft Matte) [CL62080 ]
French Vanilla (Soft Matte)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Graphite (Super Shimmer) Graphite (Super Shimmer) [CL62319 ]
Graphite (Super Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Lagoon (Soft Matte) Lagoon (Soft Matte) [CL62279 ]
Lagoon (Soft Matte)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Lavender Out Loud (Soft Shimmer) Lavender Out Loud (Soft Shimmer) [CL62277 ]
Lavender Out Loud (Soft Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Lemongrass (Soft Shimmer) Lemongrass (Soft Shimmer) [CL62249 ]
Lemongrass (Soft Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Nude Rose (Soft Matte) Nude Rose (Soft Matte) [CL62084 ]
Nude Rose (Soft Matte)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Olive in My Martini (Super Shimmer) Olive in My Martini (Super Shimmer) [CL58687 ]
Olive in My Martini (Super Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Pacific Coast (Soft Shimmer) Pacific Coast (Soft Shimmer) [CL62247 ]
Pacific Coast (Soft Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Portobello (Soft Matte) Portobello (Soft Matte) [CL62242 ]
Portobello (Soft Matte)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Purple Pumps (Soft Matte) Purple Pumps (Soft Matte) [CL62243 ]
Purple Pumps (Soft Matte)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Rock Violet (Super Shimmer) Rock Violet (Super Shimmer) [CL62318 ]
Rock Violet (Super Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Silver Lining (Super Shimmer) Silver Lining (Super Shimmer) [CL62307 ]
Silver Lining (Super Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Stroke of Midnight (Soft Matte) Stroke of Midnight (Soft Matte) [CL62082 ]
Stroke of Midnight (Soft Matte)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Sugar Cane (Soft Shimmer) Sugar Cane (Soft Shimmer) [CL62051 ]
Sugar Cane (Soft Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
Sunset Glow (Super Shimmer) Sunset Glow (Super Shimmer) [CL58680 ]
Sunset Glow (Super Shimmer)
 $16.50  Quantity :
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